• c o

    two sides. SO true!! Trying to remember this is difficult.

  • Suzy Courcy

    My ex tells every new girl he meets the most horrible and untruthful stories about me.. I know because I've spoken to them... loser, and he always will be

  • mari du toit

    quotes about life

  • Carina Morhart

    so true story

  • Dina Janeth Bickel

    Bulletin board idea There are two sides to every story. - Proverbs 18:3

  • Robert Brown

    There are two sides to every story. | Unknown Picture Quotes | Quoteswave

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Se tem uma coisa que todo concurseiro merece, é um período de descanso!


@instabynina's photo: "Sobre amor... #coração #frases #amor #amar #entrega #instabynina #bynina"

#frases #pensamentos Arte #bynina pra @vilaboavida

aquele abraço que arrepia, que te envolve todo.

o coração deveria ter as opções: eliminar contato, bloquear usuário, limpar histórico.




Fim... muito bom !!!!!! D´amore




Or someone elses. How beautiful is that? We have the ability to change our life, but also affect another.

Então você veio e me fez tão feliz.

Un brindis por los hombres que aún dan flores, dedican canciones ...

More people need to get involved when they see a dog being mistreated. To bad my city fails these animals in need. I have called several times and the city does nothing. The owner refused to give up the animal but they had no problem letting it die. Get involved they are counting on you.

Esquece tudo que passou e vai ser feliz.

Animals = Pure Joy. When people fail me, my God and my Dog will always be there for me! :)

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