Old love

Well duh! I fall in love with you more and more.. and I love when you say the same :3 our feelings only grow with each passing day; just imagine years from now! Once we're living together, everything will only amplify!


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Growing old together!

There's a reason . . . .

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*Someone flirts with Ember* *Logan and Ember kiss* "I-I... I'm sorry. I just- I just... Ember, when I see you my heart beats faster. It races. I get butterflies in my stomach and my mind just goes blank. Ember, I think I'm in love with you. I love you. I freaking love you." Logan says. Ember smiles. "I love you, too."


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Grow old with me

Thank You GOD

So true.

I love this ❤️

# lupus I have had family with this awful disease one has passed and the other is living with it I also have a good friend that was just diagnosed with it please say a prayer that they will find a cure..

❤ Love + Trust + Loyalty + Great Sex = an unbeatable relationship. Throw in Passion and Communication and you have it all. ♡ Magic. ♡

i thought i did, only to be burned