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Perfect boiled eggs!   Taken from one of the cookbooks of America's Test Kitchen: (1) START eggs in cold water.  (2) BRING water to boil.  (3) REMOVE pot from heat & cover pot. (4) SET for 10 minutes more minutes-residual heat continues to cook eggs.  (5) PLUNGE eggs into ice water (this stops cooking process  the green color of the iron in the yolk reacting with the sulfur in the white. (6) SHAKE eggs in pot til shells start to crack and run under water for easier peeling.

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Before you boil eggs

Add 3 tablespoons vinegar before Boiling Eggs quick tip


Perfect hard cooked eggs in the crock pot- no cracks, no green yolks, tender whites. Perfect for dyeing!

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MyFridgeFood - Hard Boil Eggs in the Oven

Fr Cort: BEST way to make hard-boiled eggs is in OVEN! Place eggs in muffin tray so they do not move around, turn oven to 325 degrees, pop in for about minutes & remove! They r tastier & much easier to peel! By: A Mum 'n the Oven - -- --

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Going to try this - claims to be the "World's Easiest Boiled Eggs".  I love making deviled eggs, but hate peeling them!

MAKE EASY-TO-PEEL BOILED EGGS. Easiest Boiled Eggs - including the easiest way to shell them perfectly - I have been using this method for more years than I care to tell you!

how to boil and peel an egg Cover eggs with cold water and add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. Bring to a gentle simmer. Cook at the gentle simmer for 8 minutes. Drain and transfer to a bowl filled with cold water. Allow to cool. Bang each end on a hard surface to crack. Remove a little circle of shell from each end. Put your mouth to one hole and blow really hard or gently peel..

The secret to easy peel boiled eggs - start in cold water and add baking soda to the water, tap a hole in each end and blow through to help separate the membrane from the egg. Also, start with older eggs.

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Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Perfect Scrambled Eggs by FamilyFreshC: It's best to have the freshest, organic eggs possible. You need to work steadily and quickly to keep them creamy, light and fluffy. cooking tips