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    my mom even loved this game



    • A m y S e t h e r

      Dr. Mario, nintendo game, 90s- My grandma's favorite game, we didn't have a nintendo, grandma did and we got to play with it!

    • Cassandra Diaz

      Mother loved my video games more than I . She and her bussom friend, Debbi, would stay up and play DR. Mario after I went to sleep. It took years before I could beat them....miss her.

    • Gina Giordano

      Dr. Mario, nintendo game, 90s (Okay, so I was in my 20's at this point, but I couldn't leave this game alone!!!)

    • Satchel Shin 신

      Huzzah! One of my favorites! All I remember doing when I was 11 years old was eat and play Dr. Mario!

    • Carrie Ann DiFilippo

      This is my all time, no joke, favorite game ever. EVER. Box art for "Dr. Mario," a Tetris-like puzzle game released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy in 1990.

    • crystal putz

      Dr. Mario, nintendo gamE my fav video game... Curse you brian for throwing it out

    • Steve Harrold

      Play Dr. Mario (Nintendo Game Boy) online | Game Oldies

    • Vasco DeMamma

      Dr. Mario. other best game ever

    • Susan

      Dr. Mario - NES Game

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