my mom even loved this game

Super Mario Bros. 2

Koosh balls!

Thundercats Thundercats Thundercats Ho!


Double Dragon: NES

Mario! do i remember this?

As far as total hours logged are concerned no other game even comes close, I kinda wish I were playing it right now

The crocodiles were always so hard and scary! I remember where I was when I bought this. It was Christmas Eve, I was in Tahlequah Oklahoma where my grandfolks lived. The game had just came out a couple months prior (Sept. 1982). I seem to remember the game retailed for like 35 bucks, which was a lot to a 10 year old. One of the best video games of all time.

1980's girl's toys | Willow Writer: Tuesday's Top Ten - My Favorite 80s Toys....MINE STILL WORKS!!!!!!!

Super Mario Bros.

Donkey Kong Country - This game blew my mind as a kid. The graphics were unlike anything i had seen before, the gameplay was great, and the music was fantastic, too.

hungry, hungry, hippos

Mario Bros.


omg. this -legit- was one of my favorite playstation games. i remember being sick once, and playing it all day. #spyro #childhood

Mario bros!

Super Mario World

Duck Hunt