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Viking carved out of wood, bust, Stokksnes, Iceland, Scandinavia, Northern Europe

Hurstwic: "Farms and Villages in the Viking Age", by my (A.Jensen/BeingBess) former colleague, Icelandic Saga and Viking Combat expert Dr. William Short: http://www.hurstwic.com/history/articles/daily_living/text/Villages.htm

Sutton Hoo Burial Mounds. If we called it 'The Sutton Hoo Viking Burial' we'd probably double our visitor numbers," says Wainwright, laughing. "So in the end we decided to focus on the site, while doing a major PR job for the Anglo-Saxons." They also had to contend with the fact that most of the actual treasure – apart from a rotating selection of objects lent each year – resides in the British Museum.

Carved doorposts of the medieval stave church at Hylestad, Setesdal, Norway. Sigurd the Volsung killing the dragon Fafnir. The Sigurd Portal

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor http://www.ravensgard.org/prdunham/baseframe2.jpg

iceland : beyond a haven for photographers

Saga Oseberg by Kjell-Arne Haraldsen, via 500px

The protectors of Iceland. - Album on Imgur

On Location | An Icelandic Home Near the Arctic Circle - Slide Show - NYTimes.com

Rosala Viking Centre

tinyiceland: Guðrúnarlaug, is a reconstructed geothermal pool situated in Laugar of Sælingsdalur valley in the Western part of Iceland. According to the Icelandic Saga Laxdæla, Gudrun Osvifursdóttir, one of the greatest woman in the Sagas, used to dwell by a similar natural pool in the area. The pool is open for everyone to dip in and relax like Vikings. Located right next to our cozy country Hotel Edda. #IcelandStopover #TripInIceland (at Hótel Edda Laugum)

SAGA OF ERLING SKAKKE KING OF NORWAY (1115 - 1179) (MS 1570 in the Schøyen Collection) Manuscript in Norwegian on horn, Trøndelag, Norway, 17th c., 1 gunpowder horn, 25x8 cm. Nine lines in runes of the younger futhark, naming the participants in 9 drawings of battle scenes, the last illustrating the battle at Kalvskinnet, where King Erling Skakke fell in 1179. The lid and finial of the horn carved with heads of seals and strapwork decoration

Hugin og Munin. The ravens of Odin. Iceland

Saga Sig - designer Hildur Yeoman

Aegishjalmur Brass Repousse mounted on wood by Brent Berry. Great repetition and cool art piece.

Wonderful Norse home.

Royal and Magnate Bastards in the Later Middle Ages: The View from Scotland. http://www.medievalists.net/2014/06/15/royal-magnate-bastards-later-middle-ages-view-scotland/ #Scotland #Medieval

Norse wood carving on the door posts in Hylestad church Setesdal Norway. From the Volsunga Saga

Traditional Icelandic turf house at Eiríksstaðir.

The Blood Eagle was a method of torture and execution that is sometimes mentioned in Nordic saga legends. It was performed by cutting the ribs of the victim by the spine, breaking the ribs so they resembled blood-stained wings, and pulling the lungs out through the wounds in the victim's back. Salt was sprinkled in the wounds.