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Myanmar (Burma) looks to revive abandoned 'Death Railway' -

Puppy Abandoned In The Cold On Country Road Was Traumatized Resulting In Issues, But Family Loves Him To Death! -

Pie chart of mountain lion deaths over the past decade. Poaching 1, Unknown 2, Starvation/Abandonment 3, Rodenticide 2, Roadkill 3, Intraspecific conflict 8

If you’re a table top gamer you are likely used to throwing dice. You are probably also used to that one player who chucks the dice with wild abandon and they fly across the board like a cubic death c

Photo: Baby found abandoned in carton near a refuse dump in Akwa Ibom cries to death

When Suzannah had to leave the lodge after her aunt's death, "she had no intention of abandoning Horace, so she wrote out an advertisement offering her services in any domestic capacity provided she might have a room of her own and Horace might be with her. . ."

People Flew These Drones Over Ghost Towns — And the Results Are Haunting

When iwas drugging and drunking The sadsack thoughts I was thunking Were all 'death-abandon-loss'... Today, my babycore started believing Life is really Boss.* [*boss means totally groovy]

Book: Angelika, abandoned by her mother, ending up in a criminal gang; Emma, whose life spiraled out of control after her mother's sudden death.