• Jalene Armstrong

    true story. THIS is why I love my grocery store! Has an adult-supervised play area for kids 3yrs-8yrs!! I almost ALWAYS get to grocery shop kid-free!

  • Laura Muller Chisari

    My life! Ha ha ha!!

  • Kari Hamilton

    I love being a Mom but going to the grocery store without kids would be wonderful!

  • Caitlynn Phelps

    So true! That or it happens to take you 2 hours to get ready every morning. It really takes 45 mins but I enjoy my alone time so much that I don't mind making daddy watch the kids haha

  • Christine Gies-Lowater

    Hahaha so True! And dropping the kids off at the "Kiddie Corral" was the best hour of my life!

  • Rhianna R. Bacon

    mom quotes- wow this is SO true! I l really told someone this in the grocery store yesterday! LOL

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