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"You're going to burn in a very special level of Hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater." ♥ Shepherd Book. #Firefly

Firefly. Maybe that's why I started a weird debate about nobody being able to own the air...

Firefly was such a good series. I don't understand why it didn't run many seasons. Great characters and great storylines,

Sometimes you just need a little manly reassurance. Or just an awesome friend who'll make you laugh. Which ever.

I saw this castle episode and died laughing. I replayed it because I loved it so much. If you ever watch his series castle, he actually gets a few good jabs in about firefly and what's even cooler, some of the firefly cast make guest appearances. "That Joss Whedon show."

the mutant enemy. -buffy the vampire slayer (this reminds me of all the time I spent with a certain high school boyfriend)

Keep flying and stay shiny if I already pinned it's worth a second one

This is how Nathan Fillion replied to: If Fox were to apologize for cancelling the show, how would he get them to do it?

...Im on a pinning binge at 1 in the morning....this is the extent of my social life.... god I need

Taken by a P Verrant. Kids cosplaying as Kaylee and Mal from Firefly!? These parents are awesome, awesome kids too for running with this.

"You can't take the sky from me" | Firefly