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Chester (blue) and Jeremy (purple-ish whatever color) - Imgur

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Oh my god

BIrth control pills for men. Boys can't handle a little menstrual side effects.

Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'


I just laughed way too hard at this!

The facial expression showing enough !

Omg!! XD

I have important things to do

HAHHAHA THE LAST JAPANESE ONE. "I blushed because it was senpai" OMG IM DYING>> That last one!! >

Krilling News!


What happens when girls whip off their glasses…

eff yeah.

I just couldn't resist this

I was not aware of that.


Hehe. It would certainly teach people not to drink so many sugary drinks.

#Baby Sock Scares The #Cat - #funny

Most Mondays.



Still laugh even tho ive seen it 100x