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teenaged buck. sadly those beautiful antlers he is growing will be the death of him. only humans hunt down the most magnificent animals for the sole purpose of destroying their life.

Christmas mood on | Reindeer #white #christmas #christmas2013 #winter #wonderland #nordic #scandinavia

king...king of the jungle...Leo-baby kd's (& my dads & my bff's & hubby's ex) zodiac symbol...He who is often pictured with a laying with a lamb when there is peace on Earth, even tho there's no actual bible verse about this; closest being Isiah 11:6 which speaks of a W©Lf shall dwell w/ the L@mB

.Look into those eyes ... why can't you see the intelligence, the feelings, the pain, the fear? Put yourself in their place ...


Winter Cardinals

Winter Cardinals #cardinals #winterbirds

"A cold wind's whispering secrets in your ear." It amazes me how anyone could consider taking the life of animals as beautiful as this and call it sport.

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