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  • Sue McKinley

    Remember this.

  • Shed for Bread

    I once started counting my blessings and an hour later was still going and felt intense energy all over my body! I thought I was going to float right off the bed. Needless to say, gratitude is POWERFUL. I've made into my mantra all day long, "I love this, I love that, I love that too, and that over there... and this right here..."

  • Julianne Hetrick

    #blessed #thankful #quotes #wf1 I'm sorry, but I saw this and thought of the Silence from Doctor Who.

  • Bonny

    Life is fragile, be grateful.

  • Alice Burnham

    Psalm 68:19 Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. (KJV)

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This is 100% true. Life is neutral what happens to us is good or bad based on our thoughts about it.

Postal employees. Sorry you're so in hate! Smh.

This is what I think of every time someone complains about my Anderson. I love life in A-town!

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Saving people is a really hard task - it won't always work. But what you can do is love them, make them feel special and let them know there's someone who cares about them and that their life is worth living.

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If I ever saw anyone wearing this, I would say "Oh my gosh! Have you seen the Silent? Oh, what a stupid question... Just... be careful and carry a Sharpie, okay?"

I really really need to learn to breathe and enjoy my life. I need to stop planning for the next moment and wasting the one I'm in

THOUGHT THIS FROM THE MOMENT THIS HAPPENED. Not to mention the vortex manipulator that River is going to use to go visit them in New York... wtf Moffat.