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I love this song...Makes me miss being a little kid, and hearing Nan & Papa sing it to me

==[\\\\ I know I'm not perfict and I only had goodc intentions. Someone who had bad intentions wouldn't have bent over backwards to help your daughter. I tall ended up being at my expense cause I'm truly hurt by you, but if she lives and something I did or said or because I was there when you couldn't be or wouldn't be.....ce la vie. May you find that perfect friend who never makes a mistake.

"I Admire Someone Who's Been Through A Lot and Still Keeps Their Head Up" ---- posted by a-thousand-words

Ik heb altijd geloofd in eeuwige liefde en trouw. Door dik en dun. Samen kom je altijd overal aan uit als beider intenties en bedoelingen zuiver zijn. Sinds mijn huwelijk definitief op de klippen liep, realiseer ik me sommige dingen meer.

she had rings on her fingers bells on her shoes and i knew without asking she was into the blues. she wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls, i knew right away she was not like other girls... Grateful Dead

"Alimente-se bem, viaje constantemente." Dois ótimos conselhos para uma vida feliz! :) Tips to a happy life!