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    • Michelle Curley

      Beautiful multi-colored Peruvian potatoes. In 2011 Peru banned genetically modified ingredients from their country for 10 years, at which time another review will be held. This was done to preserve their magnificent biodiversity as well as out of health concerns regarding GMO produce.

    • Steve Cavrak

      Peruvian Potatoes - indigenous varietals and genetic diversity. (See also, Peruvian Farmers Reject Genetically Modified Seeds …

    • Mary Ann Rounseville

      Nothing tastes better than home grown organic potatoes! I mix Pine needles into the soil when I plant them to raise the acidity and it works wonders.

    • Caroline Homer

      Peruvian potatoes from Parque de la Papa (Potato Park), a Peruvian agro-ecotourism project. Garden diversity!

    • Celine Asril

      Gorgeous root vegetables

    • Katy Harris

      Colorful Peruvian potatoes. Peru just signed another 10 year ban on Monsanto.

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