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Mansidão não é fraqueza, é a força sob controle. –Joyce Meyer

Realistische Kunst, Realismus Malerei, Bilder, Maler Zeitgenössische, Figurative Bildnisse, Porträts Stillleben, Realisten, Bildende Künstler, Portraitmalerei, Stilllebenmalerei, Neue, Aktuell Neu, Manfred W. Jürgens Mehr

Did you know?!?!?! You can tell what color egg a hen will lay by looking at the color of her earlobes? Light (white) earlobes - white egg!! Dark (brown) earlobes - Brown egg!!!

ScienceDailyfrom ScienceDaily

Could mutant gene in chickens lead to hypertension cure?

Little Red Hen

What a lovely grey chook - dreaming of having some beautiful heirloom chickens running around my garden