Double braid bracelet. this could be made into a cute headband as well.

Braided bracelet

11098 A Braided Leather Bracelet

This white macrame belt is so fresh and pretty with a long Bohemian dress in Summer, love it when I first saw it. You can make it to be bracelet or hairband, or belt for others with this cute patterned knots tie. Enjoy!  If you want detailed tutorial, check how …


Use beads and jewelry thread to DIY this spring necklace

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Paracord belt tutorial

How to Braid with SEVEN strands - DOUBLE BRAID Tutorial. This braid can be used for making hairdo, belt, bracelet, etc.

6 strand flat braid

macrame belts

DIY Snap Bracelet diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas crafty easy diy craft jewelry diy bracelet craft bracelet jewelry diy

How to make an adjustable knot (for bracelets, necklaces, etc). I always forget how to do this!

Fishtail paracord bracelet - Paracord guild


all those years making bracelets, this would have been helpful @ Styling in Style

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Excellent tutorial on how to tie double sliding knots as for making adjustable jewelry

Bracelet making

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DIY Stackable Square Knot Bracelets: Materials: Wax Cotton Cord (or) Cotton Braiding Cord (Creatology brand via Michaels), Scissors, Ruler, Tape & Clear Nail Polish. (1) 66" piece of cord & (1) 18" or (1) 36" to double the anchor cord. Fold the longer piece in half and tape down. Tape the shorter piece on top of the folded longer piece and begin tying square knots.