@Carrie Wideman This is the one Craig was just talking about!

I love random facts like this. Definitely trying some of these out.


yupppp. That's me.

And scare the living shit out of you!

Creepy...& then the last one. HAHAHA.


How and why to use whom in a sentence (Do it for the bourbon. Do it for the mustaches. Do it for the steeds. DO IT FOR THE MONOCLES.)

Teenage post


If you're talking with someone..

My husband loves scary movies...and then I'm laying in bed debating whether I can hold it until morning.

Hahaha never looking at someone ever again

I seriously just ate a banana!

hmmmm :)

um, oh my gosh. i will never be able to sleep again. but if i wake up in the middle of the night, i will NOT look at my clock!!

Random Fact #80

Teen post hahaha like evry day poor Deirdra! LOL and when a hot guy walks into the class room I do "that face"

49 Random #Funny #Facts That Will Explode Your Mind

Mind. Blown.