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Everything's in pieces but each piece is moving forward. I've had to up my game and work on developing several projects at once, not just a couple, so there's a new writing plan and series of deadlines. I'm trying to detach and give everyone I know a lot of space bc I need a lot of space myself, especially given zero tolerance right now for the needy, indecisive, or complacent.

Magdalena Wasiczek - Glichów, Malopolska region, Poland Sinuous This is a small elephant hawk moth caterpillar (Deilephila porcellus) at a young stage.

An author also uses colour to show diffrent symbolism such as white means purity and life, red can symbolize blood and anger, purple is a royal colour, blue is peace and yellow is decay. This is one way we might communicate symbolism.

colour-rainbow: Happy colour blog! :)(: -- colour shades to inspire art, design or new fused glass goodies at Latch Farm Studios


25 Colorful Oil Painting Masterpieces around the world for your inspiration

"Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it." ~ Steven Thompson