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This is a picture of a 1880 Japanese man. They wore these coat like Komono's during winter time. However, they were not padded so they layered clothing to keep themselves warm.

Winter clothing. Japan 19th Century via Sgt. Steiner

The shoemaker (late 19th century). Jan Matzeliger, born in 1852, immigrated to the US "at age 18 and went to work in a shoe factory in Philadelphia. Shoes then were hand made, a slow tedious process. Jan Matzeliger helped revolutionize the shoe industry by developing a shoe lasting machine that would attach the sole to the shoe in one minute."

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Portrait of a beautiful, serene young woman.

Mujer de la clase rica (Woman of the Upper Class), Philippines, circa 1875, photographer: Francisco van Camp

Daguerreotype - Unknown Japanese man, 19th century. What I miss with this tumbler web sites it is that very often we do not have the source of the photos nor any explanation. Only photo does not feed my mind and my curiosity. Perhaps I missed a technical information ?

Photographer John Thomson ~ Stunning Photographs of 19th Century China.

19th century Russian kerchief seller. Click for more 19th century Russian portraits of ordinary people

Dress Date: 19th century Culture: Romanian Medium: a,b) cotton, silk c) silk, wool Metropolitan Museum of Art

China | Portrait of a Quiang woman, one of the 56 ethnic minority group in China | © B_cool via Flickr

Filipino woman Many people say:"did you ever think how it will look like when you're old?" Well, beautiful.

  • T B

    Love this

  • Kendralyn Forest

    Very beautiful, why would you care what you look like when your old anyway? Tattoos or not, we are all most likely to be wrinkly and what not. Why would having tattoos make that worse? I won't care about the way I look when I'm old, I'll just be worried about health issues that come with old age!

  • Kamil Torczewski

    KF - like your comment :)

  • Michalina Majewska

    Yep. It looks good.

  • Melj Ruiz

    I hope we can still preserve the beauty and art of the Filipino Culture. Such an amazing artwork.

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