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  • silviu cheva

    15 Years of the International Space Station

  • William Bacon

    Get A Text Message From NASA Did you know the International Space Station is the third brightest object in the sky, after the sun and moon, and can easily be spotted if you know where to look? A new service from NASA called 'Spot the Station' aims to help by sending an email or text message a few hours before the station flies over your house. The service will only notify you of sightings that are high enough in the sky and last long enough to best view of the orbiting laborator

  • Science Learning Hub

    Satellites teaching resources - Learning about natural and artificial satellites involves ideas of gravity, circular motion and radio communication. Discover some of the many uses of artificial satellites in New Zealand and beyond.

  • Mike Doolittle

    International Space Station dumps Windows XP for Linux

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I get texts from NASA when the International Space Station crosses overhead at night. I always run outside feeling excited, and watch it in respectful silence. Afterwards, I return to whatever silly thing I was doing feeling humbled and full of awe. #astronomy #ISS #nightsky

An aurora borealis seen from the International Space Station

International Space Station

The International Space Station is a house in the sky for Astronauts.

This is Earth. Everyone has the right to enjoy the beauty of Earth; everyone has the responsibility to protect Earth. Regardless of race, sex, age, country of origin, we are a family. So unite, stay against terrorism, pollution and killing; pray for peace, love and virtue. We only live once, that's on Earth. Happy Earth Day! #earth #day #beautiful

The International Space Station (Chris Hadfield)

earth hour. Join millions of others, turn off your lights today at 8.30 to 9.30.

Caméra en direct de la Station spatiale internationale (voir Regard sur la Terre à partir de l'ISS)