Just who benefits from your socially conscious purchasing? Get an idea by meeting the Haitian students supported by a recycled purse line

21 pictures that will restore your faith in Humanity...

Some faith in humanity restored

I love stories like these (I cry but I love them)

Faith in humanity restored. ||| A Small Act Of Kindness Can Bring Smile On Million Faces

Faith In Humanity Restored – 50 Pics

Faith in Humanity Restored ♥ (and kids are assholes :/ )

Faith In Humanity

Faith In Humanity

Faith In Humanity

Faith In Humanity

We still have faith in humanity

Sweater bag

Coat and purse hooks from old wooden hangers. Now that I have transformed my closets with new skinny hangers, this is a great use of the wooden hangers I just could not part with.

Recycled purse from cereal box and a bandana Tutorial...By: Debbie Saenz


neil harbisson visualization

12 self defense tricks that could come in handy one day. Every girl should know these.

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Camping in style!

She Gave A Homeless Woman A Coat And Got Yelled At. Her Response Is Brilliant and Inspiring! ||| Dumpest