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Did you know steel cans are the most recycled form of packaging? More fun facts: http://bit.ly/HrGS0O

55-gallon steel drums #repurposed into amazing furniture collection: http://bit.ly/1uC08DG

There is no excuse not to recycle. >> Nifty infographic shows the ins and outs of recycling | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Great infographic on trash and recycling in the U.S. Help us enlarge the U.S. green footprint www.bayshorerecycling.com #recycling #facts #infographics

Bird On Stand - Recycled steel - Garden Sculpture Recycled Metal Garden Art is something I'd love to learn. Will they take 52 year old women in metal shop classes?

Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging and 34 other 'life changing' ideas. Lots of good tips!!!


Ever wonder how to do some of those special characters like ♥ and ♫ ? Well, here you are! All in one printable list

recycling statistics you didn't know

This infographic shows interesting facts all about recycling glass. Read all about the environmental benefits of recycling.

Life of Garbage

Looks like bamboo but effect is achieved by stacking rusted old tin cans on long threaded steel rods makes it even more attractive

What’s your recycling goal for this week?

What are the stats on car recycling? #recycle #infographic #cars

There are many wonderful reasons why you should consider buying organic, sustainable beauty products rather than the first that catch your eye. In fact, using organic beauty products - such as eco-friendly makeup - can actually go a long way in making you healthier and happier.

Surprising waste facts and tips on how to help reduce waste during the holidays.

Great infographic discussing with amazing stats! Start recycling today with wasteconnectionsmemphis.com

Pot kitchen stool - well this is different- and creative :)

Think you know all about steel? Test your knowledge with this awesome infographic!

Instant free chip clips