Katharine Harvey's "Chandelier" piece in Toronto, Canada. A similar work was unveiled in New York City on April 15.

Chandelier maps


chandelier beaded

chandelier globes


art chandelier origami

Recycled Cartridge Chandeliers

teacup chandelier

Octopus chandeliers for Kelley

Harry Potter-inspired potions chandelier. When I'm a "grown-up" and have a house with my big sci-fi/fantasy display room, this is going to hang from the ceiling.

Three tier paper chandelier by Louise Traill - Radiance

wax paper chandelier tutorial

Chandeliers in birdcages

repurposed chandelier turned dessert/cake display! Oh the possibilities!!!!!!!

Aqua ~ this would be a gorgeous chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier

Beautiful vase. Some more craft ideas with plastic bottles. This one is quite creative!

Here are 5 simple changes you can make to move you closer to living in a #plastic free home!

Recycle those yucky plastic boxes! Did you know #6 plastic can be used for shrinky plastic?

Plastic Bottle Chandelier