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Tomb of Catherine The Great, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Monument to Nicholas I, St. Petersburg, Russia

Catherine Palace - the summer residence of the Russian tsars, Tsarskoye Selo St. Petersburg, Russia.

Royal residence of Empress Catherine in Pushkin

The Peterhof Palace is a series of palaces and gardens located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great. These Palaces and gardens are sometimes referred as the "Russian Versailles".

Death mask of Peter the Great of Russia!

The Peter and Paul Fortress - St. Petersburg, Russia

Grand Palace of Peter the Great. Russian

loveisspeed.......: Catherine Palace St Petersburg...

Oranienbaum is a Russian royal residence, located on the Gulf of Finland west of St. Petersburg. Built around 1707 by Aleksandr Danilovich Menshikov, a friend of Peter the Great, it passed out of his family shortly after Peter's death. This is where the future Peter III of Russia and his bride Sophia (future Catherine the Great) resided as newlyweds.

JOSEPH KARL STIELER (1781–1858), Portrait of Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna, detail

Palace of Count P. S. Stroganov. Corner Room - Jules Mayblum, artist.

a pair of walking sticks, late 18th century. Decorated with gold handles embellished with diamonds, and bearing Catherine II's monogram. The State Hermitage Museum

Yellow evening dress belonging to Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova (1872 – 1918), Empress consort of Russia as spouse of Nicholas II, the last Emperor of the Russian Empire.

Dress of Tsarina D'Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova (1872 – 1918)

Court dress worn by Maria Feodorovna, 1880’s Russia. Royalty red!

Sisters Dagmar (future Empress Marie) and Alexandra (Future Queen of England)

Ilya Repin, Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II, 1896

Brother of Tsar Nicholas II Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, circa 1903 (via Costume Ball in the Winter Palace. Grand Duke Michael had asked his mother to lend him a big diamond clip to wear as an aigrette in his fur cap. The clip was of fabulous value; it had belonged to Emperor Paul I, and the Dowager Empress wore it very seldom. She lent it to her son most reluctantly.

The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Louis Mountbatten who was a British aristocrat loved the Maria Nikolaevna who was his cousin. However, she was killed by Bolshevik.

THE ROMANOVS JEWELRY ~ The brooch of Russian Empress Elizabeth I, with initials as 'ER' - Elizabeth Regina, the 18th century. Diamonds, gold.

Red wool suit worn by Peter II, 1727-1730, Museum no.TK-2911, © The Moscow Kremlin Museums

10. Tsar Nicholas II allows his daughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, to smoke....

At first, new crowns such as this one were made for each Russian coronation. In 1762, however, the famed St. Petersburg jeweler, Ieremiia Poze, created a magnificent diamond crown for Catherine the Great. This masterpiece of jeweler's art was used in all subsequent coronations including that of the last member of the Romanov dynasty, Nicholas II. Best of Russia --- Royal Regalia