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    At first, prosthetics were made to replace limbs; now they are created to amaze us. (prosthetic, prosthetic limbs)

    These are amazing!

    this is so cool

    The bejeweled bugs of Hubert Duprat…

    God, You are so precious

    Teachers being awesome.

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    Making something fun out of a dull task… I gotta say, he/she is talented!

    Ordinarily I'd decry any attempt to subvert potential smut, but this... is... frickin'... awesome!

    3D Printed Cast Lets You Scratch And Wash. Genius. Why haven't they done this yet?! About time:-)!!!


    Mind-Blowing photorealistic pencil drawing…

    5 Cool and Unusual Prosthetics That Will Make You Look Twice

    Awesome Prosthetic Leg

    This is just incredible

    Gravity-defying sculptures by Cornelia Konrads

    Gifts for geeks. These are awesome!!!

    AWESOME!!! :)

    That is freaking cool.

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