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Hammond Books

John Hammond

Hammond Reading

Images John

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Regency Rococo

Rococo Revival

Writing Books

Reading Books

Anglesey Abbey Regency rococo revival mantle clock by James McCabe in the Library. ©National Trust Images/John Hammond

Books Bookshelves Libraries

Library Study Room Bookshop

Libraries Bookstores

Books Libraries


Beast Libraries

Library Envy

Private Libraries

Dream Library

©National Trust Images/John Hammond

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The art of hanging Chinese wallpaper

Bathtub Wallpaper

Style Wallpaper

Wallpaper Design

Images John

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Hall National

National Trust

1752 National

Cord National

The Chinese Bedroom at Felbrigg Hall, hung with Chinese wallpaper in 1752. ©National Trust Images/John Hammond

Melody S Interiors

Old House Interiors

Chic Interiors

Interiors Exteriors

Beautiful Interiors

Beautiful Room

Formal Interiors

Decadent Interiors

Awesome Interiors

Part of the Drawing Room at Hatchlands. ©National Trust Images/James Dobson

Duchess S Private

The Duchess

Images John

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House National

National Trust

Base National

Pear Flock

Javanese Tea

The Duchess's Private Closet at Ham House, hung with 'Pear' flock wallpaper by Watts. ©National Trust Images/John Hammond.

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An eighteenth-century Pinterest board at Uppark

1800 Interiors

Yellow Interiors

English Interiors

Historic Interiors

Century Interiors

Historic Houses

Room Uppark

Uppark House

It S Wallpaper

The Print Room at Uppark. ©National Trust Images/Geoffrey Frosh.

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The art of hanging Chinese wallpaper

Period Interiors

Interiors Euro Style

Historic Interiors

Interiors Old

Century Interiors

World Of Interiors

Fabulous Interiors

Georgian Interiors

Aristocratic Interiors

The Chinese Dressing Room at Saltram, with pairs of Chinese prints hung in an alternating pattern with various cut-out additions to create a wallpaper effect, possibly in the 1750s. ©National Trust Images/John Hammondn the Chinese Dressing Room at Saltram, Devon

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Time and space at Bateman’s

Kipling S House

Century Japanned

History Houses

Japanned Cabinet

Rudyard Kipling S

Country Design

China Cabinet

China Closet

Sitting Rooms

Early eighteenth century japanned cabinet in Elsie Kipling's Sitting Room at Bateman's. ©National Trust Images/Andreas von

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Between history and fiction

Britain Interiors

Palaciegos Interiors

Classy Interiors

Interiors Libraries

Victorian Interiors

Dreamy English

English Style

Grand English

English Country

Library at Hatchlands, East Clandon, Guildford, Surrey. Robert Adam, 1750s. National Trust Images/Chris Lacey.

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Time and space at Bateman’s

Hunt National

National Trust

Iconic Interiors

Classy Interiors

Library Study Room Bookshop

Libraries Books

Preppy Shabby

Shabby Style

Surround Italy

Globe showing the imperialist world-view in the Study at Bateman's. ©National Trust Images/Andreas von

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A Gilded Age cottage in Cambridgeshire

House Libraries

House Library

Library Luxe

Libraries Grand

Elegant Library

Library Page

Library Dreams

Book Spaces

Reading Spaces

The Library at Anglesey Abbey, with its infinity mirrors and William Kent-designed silver chandeliers. ©National Trust Images/Andreas von Einsiedel

Clocks Dials

Clocks Watches ️

Bank Building

Company Building

City Oklahoma

Clock Deco

Clock Art

Deco Time

Deco Architecture

Deco Clock, First National Bank Building constructed in 1931 by the First National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City

Images Rob

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Rob Matheson

Carp Figurines

Porcelain Leaping

Chinese Mirror

The Chinese

Chinese Reverse

Saltram National

One of the Chinese mirror paintings, in English Rococo frames and with Chinese porcelain leaping carp figurines on the mantelpiece below, in the Mirror Room at Saltram. ©National Trust Images/Rob Matheson

ArchDailyfrom ArchDaily

Gallery of Shearers Quarters House / John Wardle Architects - 13

Bookshelves Organized

Books Bookshelves

Book Shelves

Library Shelving

Quarters House

John Wardle

Shearers Quarters

Bookshelf Layout

Book Layout

Shearers Quarters House / John Wardle Architects

Clock Tictactictac

Clock Mantle

Mantle Favorite

Cherub Mantle

Clocks Does

Time Clocks Watches

Beautiful Clocks

Table Clocks


Clock Mantle

Clocks Timepieces

Clocks Watches

Clock Sign

Vancouver Canada

Vancouver British Columbia

Columbia Canada

Time Standing

Vintage Signs

Vintage Time


Regency Clocks

Regency Book

Regency Time

Regency Period

Timepieces Russ

Tock Timepieces

Travelling Fantasy

Time Travelling

Watches Time

Regency period wall clock

Time After Time

It S Time

As Time Goes By

Time To Live

Time Change

Live Long

Clocks Timepieces

Clocks Watches

Horlogemurale Timepiece


Clock Reflection

Distorted Reflection

Clock Photography

Passing Of Time Photography

Clocks Art

Time Clocks

Time Stops

Time Passes

As Time Goes By

Beautiful, watery clock image

Old Libraries

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Unique Libraries

Ben Gallagher

John'S College

College Library

evocativesynthesis: St John’s College Old...

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Ornate Vintage Clock

Funky Clock

Cool Clocks

Old Clocks

Vintage Clocks

Wall Clocks

Pin Clocks

Retro Clock

Funky Green

Lime Green