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I've studied enough of the ads of the period to largely be desensitized to the inherent misogyny but every once in a while... whoa. Vintage Ads - July 21st, 2011

The 100-year mystery of why suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under the king's horse

Đòi quyền bình đẳng cho phụ nữ cũng là một sự kiến lớn trong thập kỷ này. Nó giúp người phụ nữ đấu tranh cho mình, sự kiện này cũng gây ảnh hưởng lớn cho thời trang lúc bấy giờ

Operation Overlord began on 6 June 1944. It involved 160 000 Allied troops at the Battle of Normandy and the D-Day Landings, and by August there were over 3 000 000 Allied troops in France.

Ad advising women not to wear their hats too tight b.c. it might cause baldness.