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  • Maya mcdonell

    shou sugi ban

  • Gard Ove Sørvik

    The Coal House by Terunobu Fujimori. The climb to the Coal House tea room is purposely precarious. Fujimori wants visitors to “be a little afraid” on their way up; it’s “a device to make you feel and think differently in this space.” Photo by Adam Friedberg.

  • C H

    Shou-sugi-ban & Terunobu Fujimori; charred cedar siding… | Materia Designs

  • c-lund

    shou-sugi ban charred wood exterior siding.

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Terunobu Fujimori's weed house

The trees that used to be prevalent in Stein were over-harvested for construction throughout the city.

Beetle’s Treehouse by Terunobu Fujimori

charred wood #texture Dit is boomschors. Je ziet hier duidelijk hoe het hout aan zou voelen. Dit heet de textuur. Ook zie je hoe de schors is opgebouwd. Dit is de structuur van de boomschors.

Modern Japanese-style house with charred wood siding : Burning the top one-eighth inch of each wood board is a natural way to preserve the timber and (paradoxically) make it fire resistant. Chemical preservatives, paints, and retardants are thus unnecessary. A further plus is the silvery beauty of the charred finish.

~simple, elegant and timeless when using a singular colour like bold Black on the exterior of a house. Like the classic black dress or black jacket, so does the black house stand the test of time for being a sophisticated handsome house. Image Credit Unknown: please pass along so that if you know the original source so that appropriate credit can be given.

what if: instead of using wood for ceilings/eves, you did concrete or hemcrete cast on wood texture and then stained?

Japanese corridor, tottalt the cusacappe house( my neighbour Totoro). :) beautiful!

The Tanpopo House's family tearoom designed by Terunobu Fujimori. Photo by: Adam Friedberg. | Read more:

The beauty of an unadorned concrete wall. The traces of its genesis still visible on its surface. A canvas for the play of light and shadow. A noble material.

Pantheon Nube / Clavel Arquitectos