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great advice :D

great advice :D

great advice :D

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Flynn Rider is the cleverest Disney character.


I love this song from "The Fox and the Hound", and adding these pics from all different Disney movies is so great. It really tells a story.

Mind.....Blown....Pixar movies all in one universe

If Disney movies were re-titled to adjectives like Tangled, Brave, and Frozen #LOL #Hilarious

Cute! And I like how they put the princesses in order of their movies :D Could make for a good door poster.

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Disney Prince in... hmm...

Disney Princes...

This Guy Turned Himself Into The Most Amazing Disney Characters On Snapchat

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Little girl is living the dream.

Little girl is living the dream. (the last one melted my heart)<<<< For real though <3

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10 Lessons Pixar Has Taught You

This image is a brief summary of some of the themes you can find in Pixar's movies. It motivates my Purpose need by clearly showing what I wish to achieve with my stories. I don't want to teach my audience empty life lessons, I want to leave a strong, heartfelt impact on them. Pixar's movies tell unconventional stories that are still easy to relate to, and I think that is what a storyteller should always strive to do.

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What if Disney Princesses had Instagram?

If Disney Princesses had Instagram.Dishonor on your cow! Lol I loved these so cute! Especially the Mean Girls reference haha