Solid ties work well with patterned shirts, as in this example. The red of the bow tie brings out the accent color in the shirt.

Matching Bowtie and Chinos

chambray + thick rim glasses

bow tie, suspenders, and glasses. Basically a really good looking geek.

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glasses, tie, & shirt

Old fashioned leather suspender, colorful red pants, and a well trimmed beard


Thin suspenders - the slimness of the suspenders accentuates the broadness if the shoulders. And, by all means, let the men be broad.

I am all about this. 86 the bow-tie though...

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bow tie

the well groomed lumber jack... i strive for this look

It’s a bow-tie kind of day

Well groomed

This shouldn't work.. yet somehow it looks classic, stylish and bang on trend. Job well done!

Checks and Bowtie

Snazzy weekend outfit, but love the brown shoes most of all. The darkened tips and heel. all you got to do is use a bit of black polish to get that finish on your brown shoes. it will look more matured and give your shoe character

The leather braces make sit a great, trendy look.

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20's outfit style