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This is excellent. I applaud this person!

This is probably my favorite mean girls crossover ever!!!

yep, girls win every time this made me smile sooo big

...Debated for a while where to put this pin. In with my other Avengers obsession pics? In Teh Hawt, because: yum. But Teh Funnay wins.

Haha I love iron mans face at the end!!!!!! Seriously mean girls goes with everything but I love that they did it with the Avengers!!!!!

The Avenger Dads more funny pics on facebook:

In a heartbeat. They would make a wonderful version of Jamie and Adam.... Can we have a Mythbusters episode where they show up?

mean girls and hipster dog all in one. It's too much for me

I love this! I about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this episode!

See Mean Girls applies to everything! Rachel Carlson Allie Nutt Lindsay Kennedy Courtney Cyrier

Mean Girls, weren't we just quoting this today!? lol Miranda Marrs Marrs Cheek Tiffany Burke