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  • Graham Graham

    MISLABELED. This is NOT a photo of 7 twisters, it is a picture of oil well fires. Tell me please who has not seen this picture and thought it was tornadoes?? SOURCE: TRICIA SHEERAN>>BUSTED: HOAXES, FAKES,... .

  • Meraki-Girl

    Burning oil wells creating storm like clouds

  • Susan Ackeridge

    Phenomenon. Multiple Tornados. Doesn't happen often or in many places. A force not to be reckoned. Run! Destruction is a guarantee. EXPOSED HOAX: Iraq burning oilfields.

  • Claudia Mia

    Oil wells set on fire during operation Desert Storm! Thought if these were real tornadoes it would complete the picture of pure hell ! Mother Nature had a lot of help

  • Annm

    Tornados.......WOW!!!!!!! NOT TORNADOS! The youngsters among us, those born after the early '80's, will not remember this. This is a picture of the Kuwaiti oil field, and some of the 700 or so burning oil wells in it, after it had been set a blaze in1090 by the retreating Iraqi troops during the first Gulf War, Desert Storm. It took months, at great personal risk, for teams of crack oil well firefighters to extinguish all of the fires.

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Volcanic eruption / Puyehue Chile (The heat and friction of the gas/ash cloud often produces violent lightning)

June 5, 2011 | a volcano in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle chain of south-central Chile erupted after lying dormant for more than 50 years. The government evacuated several thousand residents as Puyehue threw ash more than 6 miles into the sky, pushing the plume toward neighboring Argentina. Authorities had already put the area around the volcano on alert after a flurry of earthquakes earlier on Saturday -- at one point, the tremors reached an average of 230 per hour.

The Campo Colorado tornado was thought to be the most photogenic tornado of 2012

I hate that this is a real place, but what a surreal and fantastical setting for a shoot this would be.

Not photoshopped! taken by Eric Nguyen in Kansas. perfectly spectacular photo!!! !!!INCREDIBLE!!!

This is probably a photoshopped like crazy, but it's still beautiful.

This is horrifying and beautiful at the same time.

WOW!!! I know it sound crazy but I would love to go Tornado hunting one day ( on the Bucket List)

Twisting Twins / Honolulu, Hawaii

I love this picture so much.. it shows the amazing structure of a supercell. This must have been an incredible moment for those storm chasers!

An incredible photo of a tornado from Vivian Dony Dony Dony Dony Ballew Magazine editor in the Denver Airport