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  • Rosemary Ryan

    HILARIOUS: last minute birthday card! "Do me a favor. I couldn't think of anything to write, so please pretend that you're reading something really touching, maybe even wipe away a tear, and then look at me and say, 'That is so beautiful. I didn't know you could write like that.' Then if anyone asks to see the card, refuse and tell them it was just too personal. Thanks, I owe you one."

  • Delayna Roberts

    Try not to smile or laugh and give me away either. 😉

  • Macaela

    Last minute birthday card idea…

  • Ciarra Webb

    Last minute birthday card… I just laughed out loud haha

  • Madison J.

    I am so gonna make a card like this except replace the words to make it a funny card to make someone laugh, not be sentimental haha

  • Monica Gates

    Last minute birthday card… Gotta remember this!

  • michelle ❤ gonzalez

    Last minute greeting card...

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