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    • Anna Marie

      REUNION - new album from Gashcat. Sample song <3 "The Morning Sun." (awesome at South by Southwest).

    • Jon Ward

      Nothings says PAY ATTENTION TO ME like holding down caps lock. Well I'm guessing that's what folky fuzz-rockers GASHCAT were thinking with their album 'REUNION!' I dunno. All I know is that you need to turn this album up loud and dance your ass off. Seriously guys. Second track 'Every Summer, Every Spring' is as classic an indie-rock track as they come, straight off the bat. I kid you not. Imagine it with the voice of Jeff Mangum over the top and you'll agree. $8 for this incredible album. Sweet

    • Paula Heaphy

      REUNION - new album from Gashcat. Sample song <3 "The Morning Sun."

    • PJ Herring

      Kind of like Neutral Milk Hotel

    People also love

    'Visions' by Grimes, a new album worth shouting about. I've seen this album described as cyborg-pop, post-internet and a whole host of other offshoots of the electronic(a) genre. Whatever, I just know that this album has real sonic quality, good melodies and a generally engaging sound. The album feels focused, a strong body of work from the talented female behind the 'Grimes' guise, Claire Boucher. $8 for the digital version, enjoyable songs for both humans and robots alike.

    Indie folk/country pop from the brilliant Haley Bonar (stop giggling!), this is her album Golder - recorded at the legendary Pachyderm Studio. The songs on this album are so strong and assured, both the instrument-playing and the vocals are at a high standard. $10 for the digital album or you can purchase any of these 13, golden tracks separately. Stream the album and see if her music does anything for you, I certainly enjoyed this record.

    Big, atmospheric instrumental post-rock from The American Dollar. This album carries the taglines 'ambient', 'cinematic' and 'experimental' - you will find all this and then some. This band from New York just resonate cool, every song is stylish without sacrificing any substance. 'Awake In The City' is a genuinely captivating experience. Name Your Price for this album, pay what you think it's worth. If you donate over 20 bucks they will send you an email with a download of all 10 of their albums

    I like to listen to this album when I'm driving. Barely Blind play that fuzzy indie and alt. rock that really shimmers on a sunny day. What I particularly like about this band is how they don't mind being a bit unconventional. Take a song like 'Silver Lake' that starts out like any other song but then transcends normal structure in favour of a flurry of riffs. You can buy this album from the link for just a $1 donation, but they are also currently offering this album on their website for free.

    From the opening melodies of 'Lost Life' I had the utmost intention of listening to the rest of the album. What I was hearing was some cool electronic and synth-pop music - and then the vocals came in. I love the voice this guy has, it literally adds a whole new, deep dimension to the songs. His voice sounds so strained and sincere. This is the self-titled album from Los Angeles artist 'Continues' and it's $9 for the digital version. I can't wait to play this on a warm summer evening/night.

    Nat King Cole

    Distorted garage rock from a band named Albino Father. There are some addictive rhythms on this album and I was hooked as soon as the first song kicked in. The band has opted to allow you to 'name your price' for the digital download of this album, or you can pay 10 USD (plus shipping, I presume) for a physical copy. Either way, I found this really fun to listen to and hopefully you will hear something you like. Fuzzzzzz.

    Playing at Mercury lounge 3/12

    The guys who sings for this band really bugs me, like he annoyed me from the first line he sung on the first song. But I could NOT stop listening. The songs have some kind of voodoo hook that wouldn't let me turn it off, I was compelled to keep listening. The tracks are ridiculously catchy and props to the band for holding my attention so that I wouldn't stop listening. Still not sure if I'm going to pay the £10 for the vinyl, but for now this is some good indiepop for streaming.

    Trampled By Turtles - "Alone" I can never get enough of this song...

    Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me / Nick of Time

    Vocal melodies so good that you'll cry - and I don't even have a clue as to what she's saying, sadly I don't speak French. But whatever she's saying it's very convincing, regardless of what language it's in - just the way she sings is enough to convey everything there is to know about the songs. I'd say her style is folk-pop, not unlike the artist Feist actually. This album will cost you $10 (Canadian dollars, at that). The song 'Kérosène' is beautiful. Enjoy, eh

    The Felice Brothers - Radio Song

    The Oh Hellos - Hello My Old Heart - YouTube. Beautiful song and video.

    Joshua Radin

    I fell in love with this band after hearing their song 'Goodbye' at the end of a university radio set at around 3am. I was stunned. Post-rock was not something I usually associated myself with, I remember not being that taken by Mogwai when I was at school. But I knew straight away that this was special. Japanese band 'toe' (no capital 'T' apparently) can boast one of the most talented drummers playing today, he really drives these innovative and expectation-defying songs. Sick album for $9.99.

    To Whom It May Concern // The Civil Wars - YouTube

    Keaton Henson - Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us

    Have you ever listened to a song and thought 'well it's ok, but it's missing something'? Is that 'something' by any chance two bassists playing alongside each other? If so then this EP by Bear Baiting is for you. They play instrumental post-rock/shoegaze, as well as DUELLING BASSES. The result is a collection of phenomenal songs that will blast their way out of your speakers. I cannot play this loud enough. Name Your Price, I think it's certainly worth a donation for these unique songs.

    Diet Cig - Breathless