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Is that an ocean on Mars? I thought mars was red. Why is there tan? So confused!

photos of Mars, the Red Planet....

Wow, look at the size of Valles Marineris.

Martian plain from 200 miles up. Note the little black things on the dunes - they appear and disappear seasonally.

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Mars shows the integrity of our actions.  Learn more: www.vedicartandsc...

A series of posters created by Ross Berens as a typographical exercise. This one is my favorite, please check his website to see them all!

Hellas Basin Mars Acquisition date: 26 December 2009 Local Mars time: 2:42 PM Latitude (centered): -37.455° Longitude (East): 57.636° Range to target site: 286.9 km (179.3 miles) Original image scale range: 57.4 cm/pixel (with 2 x 2 binning) so objects ~172 cm across are resolved Map projected scale: 50 cm/pixel and North is up

More than 10 million square kilometers of landscape on the surface of Mars, a region nearly the size of Europe, is made of glass—specifically volcanic glass, "a shiny substance similar to obsidian that forms when magma cools too fast for its minerals to crystallize."