Blonde Curls

How to do long wand waves: Take a small section of your hair and twist it loosely. Curl your hair with the wand facing downwards. Wrap it around the wand, still loosely twisted. Wait about 10-15 seconds and take it off and do the rest of your head!!

long brown curly hair

braided bun| This is interesting.. I would not wear my hair on the very top of my head like this but it gives inspiration for something else.

Grow your hair longer: how to warm olive oil flip hair forward and brush through apply warm olive oil from root to end throughout leave head down and hair flipped forward for at least 4 minutes so circulation can run its course and helps hair to absorb nutrients. Then, wrap hair in towel and leaven in for 30 min. Last do regular shampoo hair wash and condition. Worth a try I say! =D

Pony & Poof - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

Simple Long Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair. Love the shot too! :D Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have an individual of me like this! :D

Gorgeous hairstyle. Can't wait till my hair is this long!

I really want to grow my hair this long


Really cute curly hairstyle- Makes me think of summer

People envy girls with naturally curly hair, especially the girls with who have really thin, limp and straight hair!!!

I LOVE ombre hair!

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4 Formal Hairstyles For Girls

Spiral Curls Hair Tutorial. I use this method and my hair is only shoulder length! The curl DOES last all day, and I get tons of complements. I don't know what size barrel she uses, but I use like a 1/2 inch one, and depending on the size the section of hair you use, you could get different sized curls! Try it!

V-cut Hairstyle for Long Curly Wavy Black Hair I would love to have my hair styled like this

Amazing Long Curly Hair

curly brown hair

Waterfal Curls, definitely going to try this look with my natural curly hair and see how it comes out