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    • chair girl

      American Cities- Nice Art Dept and props "Two officials of the New York City Tenement House Department inspect a cluttered basement living room, ca. 1900. 196-GS-32"

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    Buying cigarettes at the bedside 1950's

    San Francisco in Ruins, 1906

    Swimming pool, Clifton Park Baltimore, Maryland ca. 1920

    Wallace G. Levison's mother sitting in a special ice-skating chair as a young boy skates near her on the Prospect Park Skating Lake, Brooklyn, New York, February 13, 1888

    A young Virginia Woolf (left) and her sister Vanessa Bell playing cricke

    Rare 1850’s hair wig - worn by Rosa Perigo Fales, made of real braided hair.

    Jackie screams for help as her husband, the President, falls wounded to the seat. I have never before seen this shot. I wonder why it has taken so long to get in to the public domaine? No words can describe this moment. I was 13 years old.

    A ten-year-old Polish girl named Kazimiera Mika mourns over her sister’s body. She was killed by German machine-gun fire while picking potatoes in a field outside Warsaw, Poland, in September of 1939. (AP Photo/Julien Bryan)

    THE LIBERATION OF BERGEN-BELSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP, APRIL 1945. The bodies of two dead children await burial

    Lost for 1,600 years, the royal quarters of Cleopatra were discovered off the shores of Alexandria. A team of marine archaeologists, led by Frenchman, Franck Goddio, began excavating the ancient city in 1998. Historians believe the site was submerged by earthquakes and tidal waves, yet, astonishingly, several artifacts remained largely intact. Amongst the discoveries were the foundations of the palace, shipwrecks, red granite columns, and statues of the goddess Isis and a sphinx. The Egyptian...

    gas mask wedding

    gas mask family

    Vintage Mount Rushmore photo

    holocaust wedding rings. this really makes me cry and breaks my heart

    End of an era: In this 1936 file photo, the last public execution in the U.S. is shown, gathering a massive crowd in Owensboro, Kentucky.

    The kiss (Le baiser) by Joel-Peter Witkin ??????


    In the 19th Century having a photograph taken was a lengthy process. Frustrated by the difficulties of getting children to sit still long enough to snap a proper photo , photographers in the 1800’s conceived of a technique called “The Hidden Mother”. Draping a sheet over the mothers head in an attempt to camouflage her as a part of the furniture to better emphasize the child, the mother was then able to hold her infant and keep them still long enough for the camera to get an exposure.

    I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Harriet Tubman 1820-1913

    The Archelon is the largest sea turtle species ever discovered. It lived during a time when most of North America was covered by a shallow ocean, about 75-65 million years ago.

    pepi merisio 1959

    Tea cups from the 1800s. Tea for two anyone?

    363 Lbs.

    Tippi Hendren~The Birds

    Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train, 1865.