Playing with Pixie Dust: classroom decor use for lining up the class-each child can stand on their own star!

great line up tool. put kits pictures on a star. they stand on their star. Or label stars after rock legends and assign students a rock star.

Spotlight work on stage bulletin board-great for our theme (who's the greatest)

25 Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for Kids

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Welcome back to school bulletin board clapboards-small

Introduce your new students with cute Hollywood clapboards. Title your bulletin board "Now Appearing in __ Grade!" Write student's names and date of the first day of school with a metallic marker. Give as a memento when finished :)

Rock Star Students - cute classroom management idea

Rock Star Students Positive Behavior Reward Cards

Rock Star Students - cute classroom management idea, would incorporate the quote, "Your voice is all you have. Your words and actions are your voice. What message are you sending?