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I want a big photo of my man like this hanging in the living room.

The things is, even though I live in the city, and love it, I long for this. This is perfect to me.

Just a picture can make me melt... reminds me of my cowboy!

Hooked on an eight second ride...

Country little boy and goat . . a baby goat acts a whole lot like a puppy . . I used to raise them. . .loved them.

Horse Profile | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

wequestrian: Okay wow! First off, doing team penning in a bosal? Impressive! Second, an Arabian penning? Whoot!

Boots Chaps and Spurs III cowboy boots chaps by RoseCollinsArtist

such wild beauty So let's tell BLM to let them roam free - don't let our wild horses go to slaughter