The next time you have green onions, don't throw away the white ends. Simply submerge them in a glass of water and place them in a sunny window. Your onions will begin to grow almost immediately and can be harvested almost indefinitely. We just use kitchen scissors to cut what we need for meals. I periodically empty out the water, rinse the roots off and give them fresh water.

Continuous cilantro growing method worth pinning even if a second time!.

Don't throw your eggshells away. They are great for the garden in so many ways!

Save money by regrowing these 10 foods that regrow in water without dirt. Perfect if you don't have room for a garden & trying to save a few bucks! Regrow lettuce, regrow celery... regrow vegetables with one of the best budget tips of the year, and easy for anyone to do! ::

DIY: Endless onion supply - How simple it would be if every time you need the onions for cooking and just simply take one and grow another in his place.

buy onions once and grow all year

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Use 3/4 of the green onion ends and plant them under one inch of soil to re-grow green onions. Put them in a cup of water in your fridge and change the water every couple of days until you decide to plant them.

Permaculture Ideas: Foods that will Re-Grow from your Kitchen Scraps

18 Foods you can regrow from kitchen scraps

4. Don't throw out the water your boil your eggs in. This water contains tons of calcium that your plants will love. Just let the water cool and dump it on your plants Also a bunch of other really random helpful tips

Grow Your Own Sweet of the best instructionals I have seen!

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How To Grow Ginger At Home - kiddos will love this, me too!!! :-)

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Caprese Dip: Get one large ball of fresh mozzarella, cut it into cubes. Take one package of cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and add them to the cheese. Take a handful of fresh basil, slice it into strips and dump on top of the tomatoes. Cook in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese is completely melted and bubbly. Serve with french bread.