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I gotta add some pink to my hair... Maybe some extensions to fatten stuff up?

Beautiful dreaded hair. Whenever my hair gets tangly and huge, it doesn't look as awesome as this. :-(

Ha! I found a picture of the back of my head on pinterest!!!!

Trust me, if I could pull these off-I would be all over it!

Toni Morrison, fera Image by © Deborah Feingold/Corbis @

__ My father was a___ hair_dresser / barber ___ so hence my thing for hair__ more so my thing for dredds__ dig them especially on chics__ wonder what his opinion on dredds was__?

love those eyes. flawless face PInned by Revolutionary products for healthy, natural locs.

This woman is seriously a badass, and I aspire to have dreads like hers one day

Long locs- must take a pic like this soon

♥♥ Lovit, yet would like them to True Natural loc’s… curlynugrowth: Neosha & her beautiful genie locs! To see more picture visit my Facebook Page (CurlyNuGrowth).