http://tattoo-ideas.us #I want a floral pattern going up my rib cage. I like the contrast but not the colors #floral #tattoo #flowertattoo #flowertattoos


tattoo by Yanina Viland watercolour birds

I want this tattoo!!!

Love the flow and black and grey on this piece.

Henna style peacock tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo

"L'Heure Bleue" Tattoo by Dodie

Looking for a purple ribbon tattoo idea for domestic violence awareness,. Found on .. http://wonderpiel.com/


white ink with black shading. Beautiful!

Over the shoulder lace

peacock tattoo

Peacock feather tattoo

bling is nice touch

Shoulder tattoo

I really love the shoulder and arm section... the entire tattoo is a phoenix, but the detail is beautiful!