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The Ornamented Being - Page 419 of 423

The Ornamented Being - Page 419 of 423


Totally posting off topic from what was planned today but how beautiful is this? This version of Marie Antoinette is my absolute favorite!

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Dress Ensemble | Museum of London silk lustring. 1760s, masses of detail photos  on the site.

Fashion Century ball gown dress ensemble costume circa from Made from very fine silk, lace and trim with embroidered small flower floral pattern in off white woven into the pale blue background. Hat decorated with millinery flower.

elizabeth the golden age

The Ornamented Being - Page 419 of 423



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Details of the Silver Dress.

Muzeum Cyfrowe dMuseion - Suknia  Tytuł:	Suknia Datowanie zabytku:	1764 Technika:	szycie ; broszowanie Materiał:	jedwab ; lamelka srebrna ; ryps jedwabny ; koronka srebrna ; nić srebrna ; płótno lniane ; fiszbiny

Detail of a dress (robe à la française) of Generaless Anna Karwowska by Anonymous from Poland, Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie (MNW), created on the occasion of coronation of Stanislaus Augustus

Woman's Robe a la Francaise and Petticoat LACMA

Woman's Dress and Petticoat (Robe à la française) France or England, Costumes; ensembles Silk plain weave (faille) with silk and metallic-thread supplementary weft patterning, and metallic lace trim


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Attributed to Jean-Philippe Worth (French, 1910–14)

House of Worth: silk, metal, imitation pearls, rhinestones, wood.

Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing: The Renaissance Tailor

and Century Clothing: Renaissance tailoring techniques, manuscript sources, and technical advice

Woman’s Robe à la Française, 1740-1760 (detail)

Woman’s Dress (Robe à la française)

Woman’s Robe à la Française, 1740-1760 (detail)

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The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes

c1795-1800, France. Amazing jacket for young women inspired by the "à la cavalière" fashion that comes from England at the late eighteen century. Silk pekin taffeta green and blue brocaded with small moons and bouquets in the way of Bonaparte's Egyptian Campaign. Fully piped with pale yellow braid. Very long sleeves oversized and widely covering hands, six buttons on each handle. Measures: waist 58 cm, 31 cm shoulders, sleeves 55 cm, height of back 26 cm, front height  16 cm | Villa…

Name that Jacket-Looking-Thingy