we heart art: heARTwork, project 2 (first grade)

Jim Dine--hearts

Jim Dine heart

draw on brown paper bag, color spots, cut out

Could do on small wood or cardboard squares--love the idea, different colors.

1st Grade Jim Dine Hearts - I did a similar project last year but this takes it a step further love it!

Snowman collage- positive/negative

positive/negative space keith harring


Pop Art Hearts

Marvelous Matisse Cut Outs. Goldfish bowl water effect was made using watercolour with plastic wrap on top to dry. Vase was a cutout by folding in half to create symmetry , then tracing it onto the dry watercolour paper. Background are paper cutout shapes

Art Projects for Kids: Mixed Media Seahorse

Little Birdies Watercolor Painting - ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS

James Rizzi - birds -- use oil pastels & water colors. Add creatively decorated border to add more personal flair

sunflowers for grade 2

1st Grade Jim Dine Hearts

jim dine hearts

Website LOADED with art projects! No directions, but listings of state standards & grades.

Black glue for Kandinsky inspired abstract paintings

1st grade LeRoy Neiman inspired lions