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@Lora-Kent Reed --- See this is why I'm keeping it!!  What to do with your wedding dress after you wear it

A sweet way to "wear your mom's dress" at your wedding.Photograph your little girl in your wedding gown to later display at her wedding.what a SWEET, SWEET, idea!

because 2 people fell in love

Over 14490 people liked this! because two people fell in love. Love the baby feet and wedding rings

take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress and give it to her on her wedding day

Creative Ways To Take Picture With Your Family | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Creative Ways To Take Picture With Your Family

So doing this for our 10 year anniversary!

Yes, weddings are magical. An individual can choose the traditional and unique wedding vows. It’s a lot simpler than your first wedding, particularly if you have the proper.


All because two people fell in love.Ok not wedding pic idea yet.Lol but a very good and sweet idea.

monthly photos idea...just in case ;)

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Baby Bear Beanie / Baby Girl Crochet Hat / by SweetnessInSmyrna so precious. Cute ideas for baby pictures Baby monthly photos.

pics of newborn feet ears - Google Search

Newborn Baby Detail Shots Lips Hands Feet Ears I wish I would have done this when my kids were born.