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Cover design by Keith Hayes Cover photography by Carsten Witte

[ book cover art + illustration + waves + #bookdesign ] Birthright cover designed by gray318 for W. W. Norton

:: "American Woods" cover design by Alvin Lustig (1951) ::

"Love and Summer" cover design by Paul Buckley

The Way Through Doors / Jesse Ball. love this book (and the cover!) #books #book_cover

OOh so excited. I love Karen Russell and this cover is amazing. Cardon Webb book cover design

The Book of Heaven design by Linda Huang

Once before time: a whole story of the universe by Martin Bojowald

Art Art director Poster Artwork Visual Graphic Mixer Composition Communication Typographic Work Digital Japanese

SARAH. A collection of horror stories are contained within this book. The decorative representation of the front of a skull looks dark and sinister against the black background. The skull is a symbol of death and evil, and represented ornately this way, could also suggest altered image - of oneself or others. The skull 'pops out' from the shadow to frighten. Good visual impact/viewer engagement.

Cover design: Yentus & Booher

Cover design: Daniel Gil. (Spanish edition of "Civilization and Its Discontents," by Sigmund Freud. Alianza Editorial, Madrid.)