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Fernand Arbelot was a musician and actor who died in 1990 and was buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. He wished to gaze at the face of his wife for eternity.

The very striking Barlow Memorial can be found in Bradford’s Undercliffe Cemetery. It depicts a reclining mother holding a sm...

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10 Very Unusual Graves

Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris is possibly the most visited graveyard in the world, and its known as much for the beauty of its monuments as for the celebrity of its occupants. However, arguably the most dramatic tomb belongs to an author most people have never heard of.

This is just an amazingly beautiful grave stone. I could see this on a door leading into a fairy world. Info about the stone: Dr. Franz Leuffen, the author of a book concerning post-mortem examinations written in the 1860s. Dr. Leuffen died in 1900. The symbol in the center is (perhaps) the Eye of Providence. Melaten Cemetery, Cologne, Germany #headstone #gravestone #tombstone #symbolism

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Severed head of patron saint of genital disease on sale

St Vitalis of Assisi, the patron saint of genital disease

The Tomb of Arnold Savage Landor (1819-1871), Walter Savage Landor and Julia's son, in the English Cemetery The work of Michael Auteri Pomar, the monument is characterized by the large-scale sculpture of Landor's wife, Julia