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Hahahahahahah! What ever is comfortable for me! (; But it's like everyone does that! So I don't see why??? :/

All I know is one of us is right and the other one is you.

I want you to know that someone out there cares. Not me, but someone. | Encouragement Ecard |

I'm so glad that Pinterest is just FB bumper stickers on crack. I missed bumper stickers.

This is how I feel. And how I imagine the twins will be once they can eat cake haha

Allie Ekkebus Vanessa Hendrix Mara Paluszewski Mackenzie McCrory

Good TV: re-affirming your life choices since before you could read. (Graciously assuming that you can in fact read now.)

SOOOOO Me!!!!! Unless it's chilly cold and there is a snuggle opportunity.