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    • Marlene Hayward

      First ladies' fashion... Harriet Lane. James Buchanan, in office 1857-1861, was a bachelor, and Lane functioned as first lady during his term.

    • Ty Mir

      #15 Harriet Lane Buchanan acting First Lady of The United States niece of President James Buchanan.

    • Julie Fuge

      Harriet Rebecca Lane Johnston (1830-1903), lost both parents by the age of eleven. Her uncle James Buchanan became the legal guardian of her and her older sister, Mary Elizabeth Speer Lane. Harriet served as First Lady for her life-long bachelor uncle from 1857-1861. At nearly 36, she married Baltimore banker Henry Elliott Johnston. Their two sons died young. She promoted many social causes and the Harriet Lane Outpatient Clinics continue to operate throughout the world.

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    Harriet Rebecca Lane Johnston was born May 9, 1830 and died July 3, 1903. She was the niece of lifelong bachelor United States President James Buchanan, and acted as First Lady of the United States (1857 - 1861). She was one of the few women to hold the position of First Lady while not being married to the President

    Photograph of future First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower, at the age of 17 by The U.S. National Archives, via Flickr

    Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882, Wife of Abraham. Lovely color added to her CDV.

    Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes portrait by Mora, cabinet photograph, ca. 1880.

    Eleanor Roosevelt and her daughter Anna, 1906.


    a taste for pearls Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy with daughter Caroline.

    Tyler fathered 15 children: eight with his first wife, Letitia (who died early into his presidency) and 7 with his second wife, Julia, who was 30 years his junior

    Letitia Tyler, John Tyler's first wife

    dedication to Julia Gardiner Tyler

    President Tyler, 54, married 24-year-old Julia Gardiner in New York City

    President John Tyler's second wife, Julia Gardiner Tyler.

    Julia Gardiner Tyler

    Julia Gardiner Tyler

    Martha Washington Doll

    Martha Washington

    Martha Washington’s room at Mount Vernon

    Martha Washington's shoes

    Martha Custis Washington

    Martha Washington wore this silk taffeta gown in the early 1780s.

    Martha Washington wore this silk taffeta gown in the early 1780s

    Martha Washington wore this silk taffeta gown in the early 1780s.

    Martha Washington's gown, 1780s

    Martha Custis Washington

    Martha Custis Washington shoes