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    Antique Victorian Photo Album

    Great Pincushion with Celluloid Doll

    I just bought this one!!! Antique Victorian Ivory Celluloid PHOTO Box

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    Celluloid Photos, Vintage Photos, Photos Frames, Photos Buttons, Photos Large

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    Vintage French Ivory Celluloid Hand Fan

    Celluloid Rhinestone earrings circ 1920s

    Art Deco Celluloid Hand Mirror

    Vintage celluloid pen pencil duo

    French Ivory Celluloid Hair Comb

    Vintage pink celluloid dresser set

    French purse, silk embroidery and celluloid

    Vintage Celluloid Ring Box $70

    Brushed Celluloid Sewing Buttons Vintage

    vintage celluloid ring box

    Victorian Celluloid Dresser Box

    antique celluloid hairpins lot

    Celluloid brooch. Yummy colors.

    Victorian celluloid hanki-box

    Acorn Celluloid Frame Purse

    celluloid hair pin

    Celluloid Purses

    vintage celluloid forks