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The diamond coronation necklace and earrings were originally created for Queen Victoria. The jewels have been worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, The Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II at their coronations.

British Royal Jewels: Queen Consort Mary's Coronation Crown - 1911 by Gerrard and Co. This illustrates the circlet with the 8 arches attached. In 1914 the Koh-I-noor and Cullinan III & IV where replaced with crystals. Photo from Royal Collection Trust

Queen Mary's Coronation Crown. This exquisite crown is constructed so that the arches can be removed and the circlet worn alone. Queen Mary wore the circlet many times for special occasions. Amazingly it is only 22 oz. The crown originally held the diamonds known as the third and fourth Stars of Africa. Queen Elizabeth had these removed and made into other jewelry. They have been replaced by replica crystal stones.

Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara- part of parure-Made in 1957 by Garrard using aquamarines given to Queen Elizabeth from the President and People of Brazil on the occasion of her 1953 coronation. In 1971 it was adapted to include four scroll ornaments taken from another smaller tiara given to Queen Elizabeth by the Governor of Sao Paulo in 1968.

Queen Elizabeth's Royal Scepter. The Star of Africa diamond sits in the Royal British Scepter over 530cts!

Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara with Emeralds. The tiara was bought by Queen Mary from the Russians and emeralds were later added when given as a gift to Queen Mary in India.

Ruby Lanefrom Ruby Lane

Old Italian Jeweled Crown For Santo Saint Virgin Mary Statue

Italian Jeweled Crown For Virgin Mary Statue

The Iranian Kiani Crown contains about 1800 pearls & about the same number of rubies and spinels, as well as 300 emeralds. It was created for Fath Ali Shah in 1797 along with the famed Naderi and Peacock Thrones. The crown is now held in the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic and can be viewed from 14:00 to 17:00 Saturday through Wednesday alongside the other Iranian Crown Jewels.

Queen Victoria's Sapphire and Diamond Crown - Now is a part of the collection of the Lascelles family. It was one of four tiaras that Prince Albert had created for Queen Victoria. In 1922 George V gave the coronet to Princess Mary as a wedding gift. The tiara has been seen being worn by members of the Earl of Harewood.

Crown Jewels exhibition: in pictures

The crown of Queen Alexandra was a new consort crown, whose style was more akin to the European royal crowns, than the standard style of the British crowns. The arches were detachable, which like the crown of Queen Elizabeth, meant the crown could be worn as a circlet.